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TradeWindow Class Reference
[User interface related classes (windows, dialogs)]

#include <trade.h>

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Public Member Functions

void action (const gcn::ActionEvent &event)
void addItem (int id, bool own, int quantity)
void addItem (int id, bool own, int quantity, bool equipment)
void center ()
void changeQuantity (int index, bool own, int quantity)
void clearLayout ()
void close ()
void draw (gcn::Graphics *graphics)
int getGuiAlpha ()
LayoutgetLayout ()
int getMaxHeight () const
int getMaxWidth () const
int getMinHeight () const
int getMinWidth () const
WindowgetParentWindow () const
ContainerPlacer getPlacer (int x, int y)
const std::string & getWindowName () const
void increaseQuantity (int index, bool own, int quantity)
bool isDefaultVisible () const
bool isResizable () const
bool isSticky () const
void loadWindowState ()
void mouseDragged (gcn::MouseEvent &event)
void mouseExited (gcn::MouseEvent &event)
void mouseMoved (gcn::MouseEvent &event)
void mousePressed (gcn::MouseEvent &event)
void mouseReleased (gcn::MouseEvent &event)
LayoutCellplace (int x, int y, gcn::Widget *, int w=1, int h=1)
void receivedOk (bool own)
void redraw ()
void reflowLayout (int w=0, int h=0)
void reset ()
virtual void resetToDefaultSize ()
void saveWindowState ()
void scheduleDelete ()
void setCloseButton (bool flag)
void setContentSize (int width, int height)
void setDefaultSize (int defaultX, int defaultY, int defaultWidth, int defaultHeight)
void setDefaultSize (int defaultWidth, int defaultHeight, ImageRect::ImagePosition position, int offsetx=0, int offsetY=0)
void setDefaultSize ()
void setDefaultVisible (bool save)
void setLocationRelativeTo (gcn::Widget *widget)
void setLocationRelativeTo (ImageRect::ImagePosition position, int offsetX=0, int offsetY=0)
void setMaxHeight (int height)
void setMaxWidth (int width)
void setMinHeight (int height)
void setMinWidth (int width)
void setMoney (int quantity)
void setResizable (bool resize)
void setSaveVisible (bool save)
void setShowTitle (bool flag)
void setSticky (bool sticky)
void setStickyButton (bool flag)
virtual void setVisible (bool visible)
void setVisible (bool visible, bool forceSticky)
void setWindowName (const std::string &name)
void tradeItem (Item *item, int quantity)
 TradeWindow ()
void valueChanged (const gcn::SelectionEvent &event)
virtual void widgetHidden (const gcn::Event &event)
void widgetResized (const gcn::Event &event)
bool willSaveVisible () const
 ~TradeWindow ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void setWindowContainer (WindowContainer *windowContainer)

Private Types

typedef const std::auto_ptr
< Inventory

Private Member Functions

void setStatus (Status s)

Private Attributes

gcn::Button * mAddButton
gcn::Button * mMoneyChangeButton
gcn::TextField * mMoneyField
gcn::Label * mMoneyLabel
InventoryPtr mMyInventory
gcn::Button * mOkButton
bool mOkMe
bool mOkOther
InventoryPtr mPartnerInventory
Status mStatus

Detailed Description

Trade dialog.

Definition at line 44 of file trade.h.

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