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Viewport Class Reference

#include <viewport.h>

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Public Member Functions

void closePopupMenu ()
void draw (gcn::Graphics *graphics)
int getCameraX () const
int getCameraY () const
MapgetCurrentMap () const
int getMouseX () const
int getMouseY () const
void hideBeingPopup ()
void logic ()
void mouseDragged (gcn::MouseEvent &event)
void mouseMoved (gcn::MouseEvent &event)
void mousePressed (gcn::MouseEvent &event)
void mouseReleased (gcn::MouseEvent &event)
void optionChanged (const std::string &name)
void scheduleDelete (gcn::Widget *widget)
void scrollBy (float x, float y)
void setMap (Map *map)
void showPopup (Window *parent, int x, int y, Item *item, bool isInventory=true)
void toggleDebugPath ()
 Viewport ()
 ~Viewport ()

Protected Member Functions

void clearHoverBeing (Being *being)
 Clears the hovered being if it matches.

Private Member Functions

void _drawDebugPath (Graphics *graphics)
void _drawPath (Graphics *graphics, const Path &path, gcn::Color color=gcn::Color(255, 0, 0))
void _followMouse ()
void updateCursorType ()

Private Attributes

int mLocalWalkTime
int mMouseX
int mMouseY
float mPixelViewX
float mPixelViewY
bool mPlayerFollowMouse
int mScrollCenterOffsetX
int mScrollCenterOffsetY
int mScrollLaziness
int mScrollRadius
int mShowDebugPath


class BeingManager

Detailed Description

The viewport on the map. Displays the current map and handles mouse input and the popup menu.

TODO: This class is planned to be extended to allow floating widgets on top of it such as NPC messages, which are positioned using map pixel coordinates.

Definition at line 54 of file viewport.h.

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